Asana understands that nonprofit organizations are often asked to do more with less, and we're here to help. With Asana, teams have clarity of plan, purpose, and responsibility. With Asana, you can

  • Map out all the steps in a project so you can see your path to success and hit your deadline
  • Create repeatable processes for recurring work so you're not reinventing the wheel every time
  • Eliminate ambiguity by defining who is doing what by when

This means your team can spend less time coordinating work and more time doing the work that really matters. Whether it's fundraising campaigns, volunteer onboarding, editorial calendars, event plans, IT requests, product roadmaps, or complex projects, your team can manage it with Asana. We want to empower nonprofits around the world to achieve more with less effort, making teams more productive in pursuit of their missions.

Get Asana's work management software for your nonprofit, charity, or public library through the Asana discount program at TechSoup.

You can use Asana to help your organization's teams coordinate and manage their work. Teams can collaborate from anywhere with Asana's web and mobile application.

Eligibility and Restrictions

Organizations need to request only one Asana product through TechSoup each year to get discounted access for all of the organization's team members.

Consult the eligibility and restrictions page to review your organization's eligibility to participate in this program.

About Access to Discounted Rates

When a product name includes "Access to Discounted Rates," the offer consists of specially discounted rates for products or services. This means that after you place your request and pay TechSoup's administrative fee, you'll also pay the donor partner directly for the product or service. You can find the specific discounted rates in each product description. These rates are available only to eligible nonprofits and libraries through TechSoup.

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